Peptides are short, unbroken bands of amino acids; they’re also a very useful tool for those who are looking to improve and maintain healthy-looking skin.

As we grow older (and along with the assistance of a few decades of UV ray exposure and other factors) the collagen in our skin slowly, yet continuously, dissipates.

Collagen is the protein that most of our skin consists of. It’s also what keeps us looking young and beautiful until, of course, it’s significantly reduced or not there anymore. If collagen didn’t recede, we’d have a lot more difficulty telling 20-somethings apart from 50-somethings.

It does though, and as such countless people spend much of their time and money trying to recapture the youthful vitality that their appearances once showcased.

The Little Amino Acids that Could

People are turning to peptides because they’re equipped with special abilities other skin therapies don’t have. Their diminutiveness allows them to infiltrate the skin and, once there, actually instruct it to produce more collagen- and to various extents the collagen obeys. It’s a pretty neat trick that allows us to help stave off wrinkles, and tap the brakes on aging skin. They can also be effective in treating medical conditions such as eczema.

The body is an amazing machine, really. It’s constantly working to protect itself. And regarding appearance, the skin care industry has been able to re-introduce synthetic versions of the body’s own creation back to itself. This effort allows us to help wipe years of wear off our faces.

That’s figuratively speaking, of course; no one ever defeats Father Time. However, thanks to the power of peptides, we can now send him on an extended vacation!

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