Anti-Aging Skincare Habits to Begin at Any Age

Whether you are 25 and interested in natural anti-aging facial skincare routines to get ahead of nature or you’re 55 and suddenly noticing the effects of a lifetime of putting your best face forward, it’s never too late to begin skin care habits that will naturally help you fight the signs of aging. Here are a few things you can start doing today.


While it’s important to wash your face daily to remove sweat and impurities that you’re exposed to, a critical element of a natural anti-aging skin care routine is using a gentle cleanser. Harsh cleansers will dry out your skin. As we age, skin tends to become sensitive and less oily. Green Tea Cleanser by Dermis RX offers effective exfoliation with gentle hydration to nourish skin at the cellular level.


The sun can exacerbate and speed up the signs of aging. The sun not only creates uneven skin tones, but can also damage skin cells, permanently causing blemishes and sunspots. Daily use of a hydrating SPF can protect your skin during normal daily activities and should be slightly higher when engaging in outdoor activities. Wearing sunhats, sunglasses, and using umbrellas when in direct sunlight can be helpful, too.


Hydration from the inside out is paramount to preventing the effects of aging and is the most natural thing you can do for your entire anti-aging skincare and overall wellness routine. To support total body cellular health, drink plenty of water every day. For your face, use a rich collagen moisturizer. Collagen Therapy Cream from Dermis RX helps to restore skin to a youthful state through rich hydration and antioxidant support to tighten and firm skin.


Getting enough sleep — seven to nine hours a night — helps you fight the signs of aging in a variety of ways. Most importantly, skin cells can regenerate more quickly while you are sleeping and aren’t exposed to the trauma of life. Clinical studies suggest that people who got enough sleep regularly had skin that was more moisturized and could heal and protect itself better when exposed to harmful UV rays as compared to those who didn’t get enough sleep. And, there’s nothing more natural than getting the rest you need and waking to feel refreshed, youthful, and beautiful.

Along with drinking enough water and getting good sleep, Dermis RX can help you naturally fight the signs of aging. Our three-piece anti-aging system protects and nourishes. Add Dermis RX to your daily skincare routine for firmer skin and less defined wrinkles. Shop online today!

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