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Meet Terri...

"I have been privileged to serve my clients for over 25 years providing a full range of skin care products and services.  My clients consider the time they spend with me as a precious and important counter-balance to the frantic pace of life."

- Terri Czerwinski


Terri is a licensed aesthetician, a certified medical aesthetician and the creator of Dermis RX, a new ground-breaking skincare line.  She has been providing customized skincare to her clients for over 25 years in the Connecticut area.  She considers the time she spends with her clients to be intuitive and focused on their skincare and well-being.  As a teen, Terri suffered from severe acne so she's familiar with the emotional stress it can cause, as well as the possibility for permanent scarring.  As a woman, she is also passionate about delivering cutting edge skincare to reduce the effects of aging skin and to deliver amazing results for her clients.